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Homeland: Caladraland

Caladraland Cultural Keyword
The Caladralanders are a rural Orlanthi culture who dwell in the jungles and valleys of volcanic Caladraland. Like other Orlanthi cultures, they are centred around clans. Unlike other other Orlanthi, their clans do not group themselves into tribes, but instead all are joined into the Kingdom itself, ruled by an elected High King from amongst the Chiefs.
Typical Caladraland hillstead
The Caladralanders practice slash-and-burn agriculture, using a hoe to till the soil afterwards; only in the northern river valleys are the Barntar scratch-ploughs used. All Caladralanders know how to fight both with weapons and, if they need to, their fists.
Caladralanders are olive-skinned like their neighbours, but tend towards the darker hues, often resembling copper or bronze. Their hair ranges from black to red, although many dye a bright red using native henna. Their eyes are usually green, brown, grey, or orange; with orange being viewed as a blessing from the volcano god.
The inhabitants primarily worship Veskarthan, the lord of the Vent, and his children the lowfires. They still revere Ernalda and Orlanth, although usually through other aspects, such as Esrola, Orstan, and Vinga. They tattoo themselves with the markings of their gods, clan, and other symbols. Spirit charms are common amongst the Caladralanders.
The Caladralanders speak a language related to Esrolian. Most are illiterate, with only a handful of Lhankor Mhy worshippers able to read and write the Cat Scratching script, for the benefit of clan chieftains.

Sample Female Names: Asrele, Dushi, Esranda, Hevra, Kudjasin, Mahominna, Shorna, Tessa, Vina.

Sample Male Names: Beriam, Bertar, Dorradarr, Galeros, Gustand, Hamlin, Jarn, Karni, Orathin, Orgor, Tordak, Voskandor.

Painting of Mahome from the Low Temple
One of the many children of Esrola and Veskarthan, Mahome is the goddess of the Hearth Fire. She is a calm and patient goddess, unlike most of her siblings. She taught the Earth goddesses how to calm and arouse their fiery husbands, so that they might be able to deal with them as equals rather than as possessions.
Mahome is also the husband of Barntar, the plough god; and is the perfect wife where he is the perfect husband. When Barntar first built his stead, Mahome made the first hearth within it, and all other hearths are lit from its brands and sparks.
In most Orlanthi cultures, Mahome is worshipped as a subcult of Ernalda; but amongst the Esrolians and Caladralanders, she is a goddess in her own right.

Fire Rune: As one of the lowfires, Mahome is associated with the Fire Rune. However her connection to this rune is with the hearth-fire, the fire that brings life. Initiates have been known to use the Fire Rune to calm lesser firey spirits and gods, extinguish fires safely, keep embers hot, start fires, and reduce flames. Initiates strong in the Fire Rune are passionate, loving, and protective.

Harmony Rune: As the Hearth Mother, Mahome unites families. She is the centre of family life, and thus all civilization partakes in her connection to the Harmony Rune. Initiates have been known to use the Harmony Rune to calm tempers, entertain families, heal burns and other injuries, inflame passions, mend strife, and sooth fevers. Initiates strong in the Harmony Rune are forgiving, caring, and peaceful.

Fire Spirits:
Oakfed and Mahome are siblings, and are both rivals and allies. Mahome cultists with a Spirit Rune of at least 1W can gain Camp Fire and Holy Fire Spirits (q.v. the Sartar Companion, page 276). Mahome cultists claim that they are the source of these spirits, and that their goddess shared them with Oakfed and many other gods; while Oakfed cultists claim the reverse.

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