Monday, 2 February 2015


After much convincing, I've finally set up this blog to store the various pieces I've worked on about Glorantha, from cult write ups for HeroQuest 2, to articles about the background of the world.

Having been brought up by parents who were roleplayers, I grew up hearing about their characters, and watching their gaming sessions. Among these came my introduction to Glorantha, although it was over a decade later until I ever played in a Gloranthan game myself. The setting has always fascinated me, not least because of the depths to the cultures, and I often find myself rereading things and getting a whole new perspective on what I once thought was simple.

As always, Your Glorantha Will Vary, and many, if not all of the things posted here will be at odds with present or future Glorantha publications. But at the very least, I hope these will be interesting viewpoints on the amazing world.

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